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My custom protection oil can be used to guard yourself from curses, hexes and evil. Rub a drop of this magical oil into your palms or on the window sills of your home to keep away evil influences. When worn as a perfume/cologne, it can help provide maximum protection, repel negativity, banish unwanted attention or entities. You can also utilize this oil while traveling as it will protect you from any incoming danger. 

Fiery Protection Oil

  • I love my customers and making things easy for them so hope you will make things easy for me. While I would love to take back everything, for a few hundred reasons I just cannot. So your return will be accepted only for the following reasons: Item received is different from what was ordered or Item was damaged upon receipt. No need to return the damaged item received. Simply take a photograph and send to Once I receive the photograph, I will issue replacement. But remember to send the photo in a timely fashion. Damaged, missing, or incorrect items reported after 7 days from the delivery date will NOT be eligible for a refund or replacement.

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