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About me

Derek Raynard Newman, Jr., is a clairvoyant medium, personal life and spiritual coach, and motivational speaker from Clewiston, Florida, a small town located about 63 miles west of West Palm Beach. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master in Public Health at Florida International University. Born with the unique gift of second sight, he uses his gift to help clients worldwide seek closure and, in other career paths, has assisted in major financial and investment transactions, such as in real estate. Derek's ability to tap into the spiritual realm has allowed him to guide individuals through difficult times and gain a deeper understanding of their own lives. Additionally, his psychology and public health expertise have given him a well-rounded approach to helping others, combining both a spiritual and scientific perspective. Whether it's providing emotional support or offering sound advice on important life decisions, Derek's multifaceted skills make him a trusted and sought-after professional in his field.

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